Koalen 17: a new day boat and pocket cruiser in the traditionnal style

Koalen 17 under sail
Koalen 17 was designed to offer a keel version of Ebihen 16. We also proposed a cabin version and a first customer of Icarai boatbuilder in Cherbourg prefered it. The cabin is of course small but you will find two normal sized berths, sitting headroom, stowage for a Porta-Potti toilet and ability to use a camping stove.
Koalen 17 is mainly a day-sailer but is also a pocket cruiser for a crew of two.
Hull lines are almost indentical to Ebihen 16, except a more raked transom. The hull is cold molded in plywood over a criss-crossed plywood structure. Such a construction is both sturdy and easier to build than a strip planked hull.
You will find here a presentation drawing.
The first Koalen 17 has been delivered by Icarai boat-builder in July 2013 in North Brittany. The first trials at sea show she fulfils her goal and has excellent performances. I invite you to discover her photo album.
Koalen 17 may dry out very easily

Koalen 17 is marketed by Icarai boat-builder.
A home builder plan is under preparation. Please get in touch with the designer.

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