Back from Morbihan week

Pen-Hir entering the Morbihan gulf . Photo Loïc Madeline
The Morbihan week (Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan), from 6 to 12th of May, is a main event in France for the traditional boats lovers. About 2000 thousands boats were participating and of course I was there with my Pen-Hir. The weather was fresh and windy. The many small boats, and among them about 200 "sail and oars", had long and hard days with wind between force 5 and 6. I have noticed that crews seamanship is improving over the years and this is very encouraging for the future.

Thanks and congratulation for the organizers who have perfectly mastered the ballet of different fleets as well as improved safety.
I invite you to see my photo album. All pictures shot during the week are labelled "New". A particular mentions for the many boats which came from the Netherlands. Two Seil, built by my Dutch partner Ben Ullings were also present.
Scarlett, the Seil of the Dutch builder Ben Ullings

I am not active on my blog these last months. There are two reasons for this. On one hand I am working on several new projects on which I will come back. But above all, I am preparing a new website which will be online during the summer. Then I will be able to post more frequently. Please by patient!