Jewell plans now available!

The plan package of Jewell, a 6 m long gaff yawl, is now ready. This new sail-boat offers the advantages of a large cockpit for day sailing, in the same spirit as Stir-Ven, and a cabin for two people. The cabin is small, but gives the required minimum with a galley, a chemical toilet and many lockers. The yawl rig is very versatile, allowing one to sail under main only, or under mizzen and jib. The mizzen also allows the boat to safely point into the wind, tending itself while the skipper starts the motor, puts in a reef, or entertains the kids. The main mast is short and light, so easy to step, with dyneema shrouds.
Jewell has been designed with 3D tools, allowing to deliver a NC cut plywood kit making construction as easy as possible with the help of an instruction guide, illustrated with step by step perspective views.
A complete kit has been ordered to French Icarai boat-builder by a German home builder. Ready to sail boats are also proposed by Icarai.
See here the presentation drawings.

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