Pen-Hir: launching of number 3 and drying out

Pen-Hir #3, just delivered, leaves Cherbourg toward Raz Blanchard by a rainy and windy day of August
Early August 2012, Icarai has launched the Pen-Hir No. 3. As soon as delivered, "Excalibur" left Cherbourg for Rance river where she is based. His first day of sailing has led to Guernsey by passing the Raz Blanchard by a fresh breeze! I had the opportunity to accompany the owner to Saint Malo and Rance river in 3 days time rather gloomy and wet. Pen-Hir wowed his new skipper who wanted a fast and seaworthy boat. I invite you to discover the first pictures.
Pen-Hir #1 drying out in Belle Ile, South Brittany
Since we are talking of Pen-Hir, I recall that this long keel boat is able to easily dry out at low tide. The shape of the keel, a very simple design, can do what is often sought today with much more sophisticated ways: make it compatible safe drying out and excellent upwind performance. Again, there is a photo album to discover.