Gazec 12, a beautiful skiff to be built within 3 days

Gazec 12 introduces a new approach for home boatbuilding. Using tenons and pins, this pretty skiff is built without any mould or pattern. Painting apart, the boat requires no more than 3 days to be built. Actually, the first unit has been made in 24 hours by a team! Gazec 12 is the perfect boat for "family boatbuilding" events, starting from pre-cut plywood parts. One will be built in July this year during the "Tonnerres de Brest" sail festival by Icarai boatbuilder.
The skiff is a universal boat. Gazec 12 is inspired from the traditional skiff of Morbihan Gulf in France. She has been designed with a wide transom, allowing to fit a small outboard. This makes a very stable little boat, to be used as a tender or for fishing or any other use in protected waters.
Presently, Gazec 12 plans are marketed in French, but I will be happy to translate drawings and building instructions in English as soon as I have a demand. See the photo album of this green Gazec 12.

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