Ebihen 18 lauching in Germany

Ebihen 18, just after launching
I just receive a letter from a home builder of an Ebihen 18, actually the first plan, sold in 2008. The boat was launched in june 2011. "From 1977 to 1979 I had already built another boat, a Waarship 570, and in 2008 I decided to build the Ebihen 18 after I came across an article about your website in a German Yacht Magazine. The boat immediately appealed to me." "Also I would like to make you a compliment for the construction plans and description. I had never problems with the plans and instructions. I have enclosed a CD with image which I made during the construction phase." "For enquiries about the construction of the Ebihen 18 from German speaking countries, I am happy to share my email address (e.gensler(at)t-online.de) with anyone who would have questions". Emil Gensler. Frankfurt/M

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