Restoration of the French tuna sail-boat Biche

Biche is the last sailing tuna boat of the isle of Groix, in South Brittany. She is the unique survivor of these outstanding sailing working boats of the Atlantic coast of France. Rigged as a dundee, or gaff yawl, these boats make line fishing under sail until the end of the forties. They are still alive in the memory of the people of the coast and delighted generations of painters, photographers and of course sailors. Biche is highly significant of the French maritime heritage. She has been converted as a yacht and then get the chance to survive. However, she was in extremely poor condition when "Les amis de Biche" association decided to save it and have it restored.
The 21 m long boat in now under full restoration by Chantier du Guip in Lorient. All parts will be replaced by new ones, but she will be still Biche.

The hull was highly distorted and we decided to take off the line using photogrammetry and then analysing the existing elements to redraw the original lines. An exciting project for me on which I have been working for two years : Line plan, structure plan, stability and regulations, sail and rig, engine, accommodations...
The association still need some money to bring to life this true masterpiece. But the hull is already rebuilt and relaunching is planned for 2012!

Chantier du Guip shipwrights team planking Biche